Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I've been wondering why I've been getting no comments on my latest posts (sob!) Thought you'd all left me or something!
However I don't know what I'd done, but I'd got myself involved with a new commenting system http://js-kit.com/ which didn't send me email notifications of comments.

All is sorted out now though so I will be able to moderate comments again.

Thanks to all those who have commented over the past week or so.


  1. Oh thank goodness. I didn't like that other commenting layout one bit :)

  2. We have not left you - keep blogging and we'll keep reading

  3. hello, we're here!
    is there something that will email you when people have left comments?
    please help a poor thicky out and tell me how....
    ta :)

  4. hi Rachel, when i was first setting up my blog there was something about moderating comments, so I get an email to let me know I have a comment waiting for moderation. I think it was just in the steps to setting up a blog. Maybe someone else who knows could comment?