Sunday, 9 August 2009

What goes around...

...comes around.

An old saying but one I actually believe to be true.

A few days ago I had had a few sales on Etsy and I wanted to do something nice (hateful word but true) for sellers that hadn't had so many sales. So I started a thread in the Promotions forum that I wanted to buy something from sellers with less than 5 sales. Surprisingly there weren't that many responses but I found 2 items that I really liked.

The first was these Recycled Grey Button Hair Clips from fellow UK seller KnittedKitten

They are really cute and perfect for keeping my hair out of my eyes when I'm working.

The second purchase was from BoutiqueDeBandeaux. She makes gorgeous headbands and hair accessories and I thought Alex would love this headband

and I was right!

After I made the purchases I was lucky enough to get featured in the Weekend Deals article and have made 22 sales since Friday. Good karma? I like to think so.


  1. Congrats on all your sales this weekend. I love the two items you bought this weekend. Especially the flower headband.

  2. That's what a like to hear! You get what you give :)

    PS I like the changes to your blog!

  3. thank you both!

    my new purchases are lovely, i'm really pleased with them :D

  4. What great karma and if by supporting sellers you end up selling more, well that's fantastic. Excellent idea.