Thursday, 6 August 2009

Weekly Round Up

I ususally do my weekly round up on a Friday but I have something else planned for tomorrow, so I'm a day early!

I had ordered yet more Czech glass pearls and have been busy making more Bubbles bracelets in a variety of colours.

This one is a stunning deep red and thanks to the UK Street Team for their help with the name. After many changes of mind I opted for Cranberry Bracelet

For this Lemon Bubble bracelet I used lemon, yellow and creamy pearls that compliment each other.

I've finished my big custom order and it's given me an idea for a new range in my shops, so watch this space!

With the kids off school I'm finding it pretty hard to get much done really. I have had to complete the custom order so have found myself working later into the evening so I can do things with Alex and Jamie during the day. Has anyone else noticed that the nights are starting to get shorter? I notice the light starting to change around 8 o'clock, when it's pretty impossible to match colours exactly. Hateful thought that autumn is on it's way with the shorter days!


  1. gorgeous bracelets. I love the cranberry.

  2. Ami, Just seen that you're going to be in the etsy weekend deals. Best of luck to you, hold on tight, cause you'll be busy. :-))

  3. Wonderful pieces! Looking forward to other lovely things you've got up your sleeves :) Great work!

  4. thank you both!
    cherylline, it's both scary and exciting :D

  5. Those are the cutest bracelets, I can see lots of other colours in your Etsy Mini too, going to check them out!