Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday Roundup

My week started off nicely when I received my Moo cards. Someone had put a link in the Etsy forums that Moo was having a promotion where you got 50 Moo cards free. I've been meaning to get myself some for ages, so made use of this opportunity and I'm really pleased with them!

I've been working on some variations of the Pearl Bracelets this week and decided to try some mixed with Swarovski crystals. This Champagne Crystal Bubble Bracelet has 8mm crystals nestled amongst the pearls, which gives it a real bridal look.

I made these Champagne Crystal Earrings to match. I do make earrings, they just don't sell very often online!

And I made this Ocean Pearl Memory Wire Bracelet.

I've been struggling this week with taking photos. It's been so dark, wet and dismal here that I've having to rethink my pic taking. I usually take them outside but am planning on reading up on the Storques article on making a lightbox, as I dread the winter and trying to take pics in the half light.

So watch this space!


  1. I adore champagne colored pearls and crystals. It is such a warm, beautiful color. I love those blues too. I love the color combos you choose!

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  3. really lovely, great colours!
    the light is a real problem. I've taken to just putting down the washing or whatever I am doing randomly when there is a nice spell and grabbing the camera!