Wednesday, 12 August 2009


On Sunday we took Alex, Jamie and 6 of her friends Snowtubing for her birthday.

According to Wikipedia:-
"Tubing (also known as inner tubing or even toobing) is a recreational activity of riding an inner tube, either on water, snow, or through the air. The tubes, themselves, are also known as "donuts" or "biscuits" due to their shape.

or to quote my friend Julie it can also be known as "pulling your ring up a hill"

Now as Northern Ireland doesn't as a rule have snow in August, we went to Craigavon Dry Ski Slope

We had gone with friends at Easter and had Jamie's party there in May. I was a bit surprised that Alex wanted her party there too and at 11, she is getting too cool for many things. However they had an absolute ball and I'd recommend that anyone who is looking for something a bit different, a bit active (that ring gets hard to pull after an hour) and great fun, check it out!


  1. This looks fun, we have this near where i live the kids love it,

  2. Lol, that last photo is great! Looks like a blast :)