Friday, 7 August 2009

Weekend Deals on Etsy!

For the first time ever, I got selected by admin to feature in a Storque article -
Weekend Deals

I had simply spotted a thread in the Promotions forum by MaryMary asking for any jewellery shops having deals this weekend (I'm offering 10% off throughout my shop). I got a convo from her on Thursday night to say that this Fizzy Bubbles Bracelet was the one chosen to highlight my shop.

As well as being featured in the Storque article I'm in this Gift Guide

So far I've had 4 sales today so it's definitely been brilliant for me!


  1. tis ace good news about the feature :)
    also, i've done ma tagging, hehe x

  2. Good for you--that is fantastic! Wishing you many more sales to come :)

  3. Yeah for sales, well done Ami, I believe it's 15 sales now, Good on you. just make sure you send the right item to the right buyer
    :-))) Enjoy it.

  4. thank you!

    You're right cherylline, I made 15 sales yesterday which I was so excited about I couldn't sleep until half 2 last night! Trying to be organised with the shipping :D

  5. Congratulations, what a great achievement, I'm not surprised you couldn't sleep!!

    Good luck with the organised shipping and hope you get even more sales.